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We perform the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning. When performed correctly by a properly IICRC trained and certified technician, and with the use of high powered, truck mounted equipment and quality cleaning agents, this method is the cleanest and most residue free method available. It will NOT leave your carpet over wet, and your carpet WILL DRY THE SAME DAY. Most carpet manufacturers mandate the use of hot water extraction by a IICRC certified firm, in order to uphold the manufacturer's carpet warranty. No gimmicks....just pure, simple cleaning that rids your carpet of dirt, bacteria, and other contaminates. 




Pet Urine Removal Santa ClaritaPET URINE AND ODOR CONTROL

We know you love your pets...we love ours too. But sometimes they can make a mess. Eighty five percent of the carpet cleaning jobs we do involve some type of pet urine treatment or odor removal. This level of experience has made us the go-to company in Santa Clarita for this service. We are even referred by our competitors!

Surface pet urine can be easily removed with our standard process, but when there is substantial urine, or urine from a larger animal, we perform subsurface extraction. This process can take longer to dry, but it will rid your carpet of the urine and odor and will leave your carpet free of discoloration. In some severe cases, carpet pad may need to be removed and replaced. Full carpet replacement will only be advised in extreme situations to completely decontaminate your floor.



We clean your tile, grout and stone under high heat and high pressure using the same powerful, truck mounted equipment we use for carpet cleaning, along with special tools designed for use on your hard surfaces. We offer cleaning for your floors and your countertops.  We also offer sealing as an option.  Please contact our office for an in-home evaluation and estimate.



We clean all upholstered furniture, with the exception of leather, non-color fast fabrics, and very old fabrics that are very worn and may not withstand the cleaning process. We can perform pet urine and odor removal on your priceless upholstered pieces as well.


Air Duct Cleaning Santa ClaritaAIR DUCT CLEANING

Noticeably improve your indoor air quality with our air duct cleaning service. We recommend air duct cleaning every 5-7 years. We clean your entire ventilation system, including your air vents and HVAC unit, leaving your system free of dust and contaminates that can contribute to allergies. Cleaning your air vents will also greatly reduce the dark lines often found in the corners of your carpet.

We start by thoroughly cleaning your HVAC unit. Then we use 360 degree air agitation under high pressure to clean the particles and contaminates from your air ducts. Our process does not pose the risk of damage to your ducts, the way the brushes do. Next, we spray a safe and effective sanitizer throughout the air vent system. Lastly, we fit you with a custom made, lifetime electrostatic air filter, which filters 94% of all particles, greatly reducing the dust in your home post air duct cleaning. No more paper filters to buy; simply wash your new one and put it back in.



Clogged dryer vents are one of the leading causes of house fires!  If you have never cleaned your dryer vent, or if you find that your clothes are not drying, your dryer vent may need cleaning. We recommend cleaning your vent a minimum of once a year.  Call our office today to schedule your cleaning.



Don't Replace...Repair! Poor installation, damage from pets, and home remodeling can often leave your carpet in need of some tender loving care. Carpet repair is often a very viable and cost effective option to replacement. We offer a full array of carpet repair services, including carpet stretching, re-tack, and section replacement. Call us today for an in-home evaluation and estimate.







I have been using Big Red for six years now and couldn't be more satisfied. I not only use them at my own home but also recommend them to all my customers for carpet cleaning and repair. If the carpet doesn't need cleaning, he is always willing to re-stretch the carpet and repair the tack strip for a great price. I am a licensed tile contractor and highly recommend Big Red. I wouldn't even consider using one of the coupon companies.

- Andy W.
Canyon Country


I would like to sincerely thank your crew for doing such a wonderful job of cleaning our carpet and tile.  House smells like a new house.  I shall definitely recommend your company to my friends and family.

- L. Dhanda, M.D 
Valencia Westridge

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