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How long will it take to dry?

The IICRC S100 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Carpet Cleaning specifies:
Section 7.5, Drying
"When cleaning carpet, it is highly recommended that drying occur within six to eight hours or less: however, drying time must not exceed 24 hours. Failure of the professional to implement drying procedures could result in a variety of after-cleaning problems. Often, occupant cooperation is needed to expedite drying."

We meet these guidelines, and in some cases, may even exceed them.  With the exception of subsurface cleaning, e.g., pet urine treatments, that can take long to dry due to the need for the deeper extraction, your carpet will be dry in 6-8 hours.  Quality equipment and technician skill are critical to carpet drying.  But as the industry standard states, client cooperation is often needed as well, as indoor climate conditions also dictate how long your carpet will dry.

Here's an example: if it is a hot day, and you close your windows and turn on your air conditioner as soon as our technician leaves, your house will stay too cold to facilitate drying.  Your carpet will probably stay damp for days.  So be sure to ask our technician to give you instructions on how to facilitate your carpet drying, and follow them carefully in order to ensure an expedient dry time!

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