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Once you clean my carpet, how can I best maintain it, and clean stains and spills in between cleaning?

We recommend the following maintenance program:

1. Vacuum if possible, one to two times per week.

2. Limit bare feet, as vacuuming will not remove body oils from the carpet fiber, which will result in discoloration in the traffic areas (e.g., hallways, etc.).

3. Use only Folex to spot minor food and grease. Blot and gently rub from outer edge to center with cotton white towel. Folex does not contain a bleaching agent nor does it leave any residue. You can use it on colorfast upholstery as well. Folex can be found in most grocery stores and big box stores. Look for the white spray bottle with the purple writing.

4. DO NOT pour water on any liquid spill. Simply blot as much as possible with a cotton towel or paper towel. Call the Big Red office for further information.

5. For surface urine or vomit (usually a small pet), please do the following:

  • Blot up area with folded paper towels-- hold to floor to absorb.
  • Acquire bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide (available at any store in the pharmacy department). To maintain the integrity of the product, keep in the dark bottle it comes in.
  • For best results, obtain a spray trigger to screw onto the top of the bottle. This will provide a controlled, light spray to the affected area.
  • Spray affected area liberally (DO NOT BLOT) and then cover with plastic for 5 hours. Put book on top of plastic to secure it in place.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide oxidizes to water (H20), so NO rinsing is involved after 5 hours. Just air dry. No yellowing or odor should be present unless contamination went to the carpet back side in pad. In that instance, call the Big Red office at 288-1225. Subsurface neutralization will need to take place.

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