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How can I maintain my newly clean and sealed grout?

We recommend the following maintenance program:

  • Use only neutral pH cleaning products (read label).  There are several on the market, available at tiles stores.  Just ask the sales person for their help in choosing one.
  • Notify all outside house cleaners of these steps so they can integrate them into their cleaning procedures for your home.
  • Use only a string mop.  Do not use a sponge mop head or any type of flat mop head as these will only push dirt and other contaminants into the grout joints.
  • Do not  use any type of bleach, disinfectant, ammonia, or heavy duty cleaners to clean tile, as these products can have adverse effects on the tile and grout.  If disinfection is required, two slop mops are needed; first with disinfectant solution then with neutral cleaning solution
  • As needed, damp-mop the floor with clear, hot water only.  Note: For damp-mopping, be sure that the mop head is clean and free of all chemical residues.  If possible, open all doors and windows in the areas mopped to allow for rapid drying.

Once a week, sweep all areas of tile, and slop-mop (using cleaning solution).

For Slop-Mopping:
Be sure to rinse mop head very well before picking up solution from floor (alternatively, you can utilize a wet/dry vacuum to pick up solution).
Follow directions on cleaning solution bottle concerning the rate of application and frequency of cleaning solution change out (e.g., if one gallon of mixed solution covers 150 sq ft, then discard solution and mix new after you have cleaned 150 sq ft (10x15 area). 

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