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What criteria should I use to find a reputable carpet cleaner?

We realize that times are tough and a dollar needs to stretch farther than ever before, so there's an inclination to go with the cheapest cleaner out there, or perhaps a national franchise whose name sounds familiar.  But basing your decision on a familiar name or low cost, without any other considerations, can cost you more in the long run.  We recommend you consider the following when looking for a quality carpet cleaner.

Ask someone you trust for a referral.  A first hand testimonial from a current client is the best way to ensure you’re hiring a first rate company.  Going online and reading reviews is also a good way to get a feel for how reputable a company is.

Ask if they are a local company.  Companies based in the area they serve are generally more interested in providing quality service, including returning to correct a problem should one arise post-cleaning.  We’ve noticed that many of the national franchises and “coupon” guys are not based in Santa Clarita.  

Verify that they are IICRC trained and hold a current certification.  While IICRC training and certification is not a guarantee that they are a quality company, it does help narrow the field. In fact, most dry cleaning companies, including one very nationally recognized franchise, are NOT IICRC certified!  You can verify if a company is certified by visiting the IICRC website at

Ask what type of method of carpet cleaning they perform and what type of equipment they use.  If a company performs a method other than hot water extraction, or uses a portable machine, chances are high they will leave residue in your carpet, will not have extracted out all of the dirt and contaminates, or will leave your carpet over wet regardless of the marketing pitch they give you.

Remember, if the price is too good to be true, it probably is.  It’s expensive to run a business these days, so if a company is advertising a really low price, they’re most likely trying to get their foot in your door before springing the real price on you (bait & switch) or they’re going to perform a sub-par job.

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